She of the Mountains

Mountain Goddess painted watermark

This painting was inspired by the beauty of the mountains.

The mountains call to me and beg me to come and sit upon their rocky cliffs. No matter how long I go in between each visit to the mountains, they still take my breath away and send me into a feeling of awe and appreciation. I don’t live anywhere near mountains. Quite the opposite as I live along the coast close to the raging ocean. Though I feel most at home in the mountains.

In this painting I wanted to portray a Goddess or woman who sits in the mountains surrounded by trees and she is connected to the earth by her roots.

She is also connected to the twinkling stars in the night sky above her. She is connected to All. Life flows through her and into the earth and continues through the moon-filled sky. She is one with everything. She helps us to realize that we are all connected. That we are all One.

Colors of deep purple, dark blues and forest greens adorn this sacred painting.

These colors all represent the deeper connections to the spirit and the earth. They also give off a calming energy with a slight sense of euphoria. These colors bring us back to our roots and help us to dream and wonder. We can imagine other worlds with a violet sky and indigo blue mountains. My hope with this painting is to remind people of the sacredness of nature and our connection with our Mother Earth.

What is your favorite way to connect with nature?


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