She of the Oceans

She of the Oceans watermark resized

This painting was inspired by the beautifully colored water of the ocean.

The ocean is a forceful and unforgiving element. It’s as alluring as a sirens call. You stand upon its shores and you feel the pull of the waves. You feel the powerful sea breezes blowing against you. The smell of salt is in the air and your toes are snuggled deeply into the warm sand. The beach brings about many emotions.

We all seem to become playful like children while we’re at the beach.

People run up to the shore, dip in a toe and then run back laughing when the waves catch them. They play a game of catch me if you can. And then they finally relent and give into Mother Ocean. They jump in and float among the waves feeling Her healing waters upon their skin. They sneak a peek under the waves to see what kind of creatures join them in their reverie.

I live close to the ocean and try to go whenever I can.

One day while I was sitting upon the sand enjoying the breeze flowing through me, I noticed a group of orange clad monks playing in the water. They too would run up and dare the waves to catch them. They would laugh and cheer when She finally did. The ocean brings out the child in us. Even the most serious and holy among us. My hope with this painting is to inspire the child in you. And to serve as a reminder of the playfulness of the ocean.


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