Saint Cyprian

saint cyprian scanned watermark

Saint Cyprian is the patron saint of necromancers and sorcery.

He was a real person who was born in Carthage around the beginning of the 3rd century C.E. He grew up in a Pagan family and was said to have been taught sorcery at a very young age. His magickal studies took him around the world to places like Greece and Egypt where he learned ancient mysteries and perfected his sorcery.

When he came back from his travels he settled in Antioch and started working as a professional sorcerer.

There he met and fell in love with Justina a young Christian woman. It is said that he tried to magickally force Justina to fall in love with him but because she did her prayers everyday and always marked herself with the sign of the cross, he was unsuccessful. So Cyprian decided to renounce sorcery and converted to Christianity.

Or so the story goes.

Cyprian went to the church to give confession and to be baptized and he eventually became a bishop and Justina became a nun. The two were later martyred by the governor Claudius because they would not renounce Christianity.

In this painting I wanted to portray Saint Cyprian as both a Pagan and a Christian.

He wears the bishops hat and holds his crozier (curved bishops staff). He also holds a skull and has the Ponto Riscado sigil (magickal symbol) on his hat. He is typically portrayed wearing a purple cloak which is represented in this painting.

This original painting was custom made for a devotee of Saint Cyprian but prints of this painting will be available soon!


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