Isis, Egyptian Mother Goddess

Isis painted watermark

Some of the work I do requires me to pour my whole soul into it.

Certain paintings and illustrations take everything out of me. I know when a particular painting is taking me a long time to finish, it means that there’s a  little piece of me infused in the artwork. This was the case with Isis.

Isis is the Egyptian Mother Goddess of the Universe.

She is wife to her beloved Osiris and mother to the falcon-headed God Horus. She is often depicted with Horus suckling at her breast. Isis is a loving and motherly Goddess who was extremely popular with the Egyptian people. The people viewed her as one of them and as being on their level.

She was seen as the oldest of the old, the Goddess from which our world arose.

She was depicted with wide outstretched wings, and a sun disc crown on her head. In a hieroglyphic hymn to Isis, she was described as, “She who made light with her feathers and wind with her wings”.

In this painting of Isis I wanted the emphasis to be on her regalness.

She has the vulture crown of bronze feathers up on her head along with the sun disc and uraeus serpent. She wears a choker make of lapis, malachite and red jasper. She also wears crushed green malachite over her eyes. Her makeup is done in typical Egyptian fashion and she holds an ankh under her breasts.

Prints  of this painting are available in my shop on etsy and prayer cards will also be available in my shop very soon!


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